You tuck in your passport,

You polish your shoes,

Your gleaming face with its reckless smile

Makes it hard,

To discern the sheen of sweat on your brow,

And the plagued heart you have to tow.


You don’t want to go,

You know how it is,

Amidst the slammed doors and

Mental battles,

Words of spite flying from our mouths with,

Lightening speed,

You too realized that the worth in staying back,

Far overpowers the relief in storming out.


You packed your bags with a hurrying speed,

Only to be betrayed by your eyes,

Which avoided contact,

Contact, which your fingers had yearned,

Just last night. And today, you storm out,

With anger on your lips, and

A quickness in your steps,

Only to be betrayed,

By the tremble in your hands.


You don’t look back, you don’t listen,

Not to me, not even to your heart;

Your fingers rake through your hair,

And there’s certainly no mistaking,

The quickness in your breath.

You just sail past, like a blurry shape

Quick to escape, but never ready to leave.

And it is only when you are miles away into your rage,

Do you realize what a terrible mistake you’ve made.





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