When Will I Be Heard?

//Written in response to Heard.

The alliances formed by maternal aunts,

Who throw words like ‘cautious’ and ‘docile’ at me,

Left, right, and centre,

Who tell me to stay away, from man,

And anything in this world, even resembling

This being created out of sheer evil.


The glares from across the street, by

People who know me yet don’t see me,

Who put me into boundaries erected by half-baked lies,

And half-heard tales,

Inked with quick and dirty judgements;

They make me, yet somehow unmake me.


The oft-interrupted story, I often yearn to yell

And never get to tell,

The way you cut down on my words,

The way you dress them up with your own,

They clamp down on my will to speak,

They break down all my power to live.


Your denial is an attempt to curb,

What you call ‘unsuited’ for me,

What I demand to take with both hands,

You refuse to grant me even a peek,

And this way you don’t just rain down blows,

You pin me down beneath.



Despite the charring injustice you serve,

I temper my voice, and teach it to obey,

Lull it down, where it gathers up its force, and

Every passing day, I seek the answer;

An answer which you owe me,

When, oh when, will I be heard?


2 thoughts on “When Will I Be Heard?

  1. Megan @ bookslayerReads says:

    I can’t believe I just found your writing blog today! (Thanks to your Q&A post on your reading blog.) This is an amazingly beautiful and emotional piece. I love it. And I really admire your ability to write like this. It’s fantastic! Please keep it up!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜


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