// Written in response to Overwhelming.

The scars on my back arent’s as deep

As the ones etched permanently,

On tear-stained flesh and dark lines

Underneath blurry eyes.

Because who knows, how loud

The wails will sound, the

Next time I cry out your name

And hopefully, the next time,

Won’t be in helpless agony and

Timeless, foolish hope.

But in fire,

Red, hot, and the one that tears down

The walls I built;

Which can shatter and break,

Kill and smear,

Drape and revere,

The surging tide beneath.

And once it washes over the

Entirety of your being,

I hope that I rise again,

Anew and detached, with newly-built


And should your shadow dare to fall

On the new face I call my own,

This time I won’t plague myself to wipe out your

Existence, no;

This time I’ll take you down.


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