//Written in response to Replacement.

The pain came later,

First, the words thudded around in,

My heart, squeezed right there in front of you,

Oh! How deep the echoes of rejection,

Resonated, and not once did you look back,

Except for maybe a slight turn of the left shoulder,

Or maybe, that too, was a fragment of my

Imagination, which draws up your form,

Again and again and again.

And right when the emptiness had taken its toll,

You hit me back harder, this time, however, with

A weapon I didn’t recognice.

She was lean, petite and had the sun radiating from her eyes,

And you looked at her quite different; I wonder what went right?

I knew not then that the emptiness would return,

That the room would feel dark again;

I knew not then, that the clouds would fade,

And her laugh would swim around in my mind.

I just knew, that the cold grip would return,

My mind capturing my heart,

Feeding me those same old lies, intoxicating me with those

Same old hopes. I begged, and bruised, and charged at my mind,

To let go of my soul; but alas!

Little did it listen.

Instead, it consumed it alive.


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