//Written in response to a daily prompt. I know this is too fluffy for my writing, but I’m in a silly mood today so bear with me 😀

We could dance around under the midnight shimmer,

Careless whispers frozen into the dark of the night,

My skirt twirling, and your hair ruffled, two little dynamites,

Shattered through collision, joined by decision.

Or, we could walk down the narrow bed of the river,

Scared hearts plunging into unknown territory,

My chest thumping, and your pulse thrumming, we could

Drive away all uncertainity, we could take it a step ahead.

Or, we could lay awake in the afternoon, because which

Person in love, does not do it at night,

Laze around near the dandelion petals, and speak of nothing

As the sun quietly slips behind all the fluff in the sky.

Or, we could engage in silly talk, my blabbering

A good match to your brooding, and silly you who thought

That ‘Destiny isn’t real!’,

Did you see now, what fate be capable of?

Anything we could have done, anything but this,

Listening to the song you loved, alone,

Isn’t just what it is.

And chasing sea waves, with my arms open wide,

You by my side, as a mere memory though,

Isn’t just what I had.

Or, we might not have started the good,

To save us from going through the bad,

And maybe one day, you by my side

This dream would have anyway come alive.




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