A Request

To step back down, to wipe off that evil

Grin when you see her passing by

Because she is as much human as you

Deem yourself to be,

Then why do you call out? Names

Which you don’t even know half the meaning

Of, it’s a request.


To bite your tongue, hold back your words,

Take it back, and take it in, and don’t you

Spit out something evil, which

Might just destroy him and render him so

Delirious, that sleeping through the night becomes

A feat, it’s a request.


To not pounce at any opportunity you

Get to ridicule the living hell out of her,

Her, who is trying just as hard to survive and

Could probably do without another of your words,

Beating at her and raising her pulse,

You, you need to stop, and let her

Live, it’s a request.


To ignore and glance over anything

Amiss, anything worth laughing at, anything

At all. Think that he may already be

Giving himself hell over it, and probably doesn’t

Need another mocking eye to pick at his wound.

So stop, won’t you? Before you pass a

Comment, it’s a request.


To offer a helping hand, to let go a

Tiny bit of smile,

Which might just relieve her, and lift her from the shallow

Dark. Be it temporary, and be it even a slight change,

What harm could a tiny smile,

Or an offered hand, ever do to

You, it’s a request.


To show a little kindness, and be something

Worth being proud of, to make yourself a

Human, to help someone override the lows,

Do something you’ve never done before, and

Feel happy like you’ve never felt before.

Show a little kindness,

And, it’s a request.


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