Keep Moving Ahead

Every step which matters,

Line it up, one by one,

In front of the other,

Line it up, line it up.

Because the world won’t see,

Where you dared to falter,

And the world won’t notice,

Which sole got hurt,

The world won’t care,

Where things got misty,

And neither will it comprehend,

How the cracks in your heart came through.

Don’t look back, and

Don’t side-step,

Keep your chin high,

And let the fear escape.

No real time to be frail,

Oh dear,

No time to hesitate,

In a universe keen on running,

You need to keep your step.

So go on, and go ahead,

And take in as much as you give,

Don’t you falter, don’t your stall,

Make sure to rise up when you fall.




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