Fidgeting fingers and nervous breaths,

Pushing back hair,

A frenzied air,

What to say,

How to say,

What new surprises,

Might be sprung today.


The walls keep closing in,

But the window is flung open

By the innermost will

Of her innermost mind.

Her mind wants to fly,

Her body too shocked to catch up,

But she must try, and she must try,

Because what if it all works out?

She doesn’t know what look,

His beautiful face will adorn,

When she springs those words to him,

The very words which made her numb?

Try as she may,

Her lips won’t work,

The words won’t form,

Because doesn’t this go,

Against all norms?

She hears the gravel crunch,

She hears her heart leap,

She hears the front door open,

And the fear begins to creep.

She feels out of breath,

And yet strange exhilaration,

Because when he enters her room,

The words all leave her mind.

Who knows what he’ll think?

Who knows what he’ll say?

And as all coherence fly out of her sight,

She’s stuck with two words which can say it all.

“I’m pregnant”, she whispers,

And the tears roll down,

Both of his, and of hers,

And that’s when she knowsm

She had been right all along.

Written in response to daily prompt unpredictable.



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