Let It Go

Let go of that laugh, the one put on to look like you belong, like you understand and like you care. The facade which you put on, internally cursing the prompter of those laughs, break down that facade and let your true self shine. Be it one, be it two, be it three or be it four, the person who can look beyond that put up laugh is the person you need laugh for.

Let go of that red on your lips, because if you put them on just because ‘it’s cool’, you’re probably doing it wrong. Entice the guy, sizzle on the dance floor, but don’t put it on just because the people you call your own tell you that ‘red lipstick looks so hot on you’.

Let go of that dream, if it’s not something to call your own; because the life which the dream creates has to be lived by you. Because you weren’t born to live someone else’s dreams so why do you still hold on? Don’t hold on because it’s what’s right, or because there’s no other option, or because your parents have their hopes up that their house will have a doctor instead of a DJ, but let it go because the biggest responsibility you have to yourself is your happiness.

Let go of every bond which you’re tired of, because pretending to love someone is a bigger sin than hating someone. And if uncertainity or fear holds you back, let that fear flow away into freedom and release.

Let go of every person who’s holding you back, because pretending to be graced by their pretense is not the best you can do.

Let go of every choice which has been made for you, and make sure that you’re the one who has the upper hand in everything related to your life.

Let go of every fakeness in you, because what’s around you can’t be controlled. Let go.


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