6 Ways to Arrange Your Bookshelf

Today’s Daily Prompt : Shelf


Even though it seems like today’s Daily Prompt was more suited for my book blog, I will still ignore how proper this post would look there, and instead publish this post on this platform because I haven’t posted something here for SO long. I know. I apologize to the few people who take time out to read what I write, and I thank you for your loyalty. I’m in a major writing slump, but slowly making my way out of it by using prompts to get me into writing. Plus, pressure at school. Sigh.

So below I discuss a few ways to arrange your shelves. Most of them you already probably know, but I just decided to put down all the methods I know in one place for my own future reference.

1. Color

I don’t think anyone can be ignorant of the ‘Rainbow Bookshelf’ which has suddenly become a crazy trend among Booktubers and Bookstragamers. It is basically when you arrange your books according to color, and preferably make a rainbow out of it, starting from violet and ending with red. It looks pretty and is pleasing to the eye, though it does look a bit haphazard and clutter-ish because of books of various heights being kept together.

2. Height

Some people (like me) are paranoid (I’m kidding). They like to have everything in order and everything in clean, neat, proper-looking condition, stressing hard on books of same heights to stand together. And in my defence, I’d like to say that books of the same height look amazing together, way better than the clutter which different heights do.

3. Genre

If you’re like me, you probably love keeping your book according to genre. Fantasy there, romance above that, and contemporary here. Everything classified, everything in order. In this method, you put all books of the same genres together. You can keep it simple by having only fantasy, YA, contemporary and romance, or make it much more classified by delving into sub-genres.

4. Authors

This method is where you arrange books alphabetically, according to the (usually) last names of the authors. This is a little more meticulous and requires extra effort, especially if you have a large number of books, but is very satisfying when you have to look for a book in a short time. You have to simply search the author’s last name, and there you have your book!

5. Read. Unread.

A lot of people segregate books into read and unread piles. Some prefer to arrange their read books together, and their unread books in separate shelfs. This method gives a bit more freedom to keep books any way you want, because the only criteria is to separate books on the basis of whether you’ve read them or not. Some people may go deeper and classify their unread books into ‘want to read soon’, ‘next reads’ and ‘will not read anytime soon’ piles.

6. How much you enjoyed the book

A lot of people arrange books according to how much they loved it. Favorite books are shelved together, then books they liked less than favorites, then books they thought were okay and so on. It’s a good way to showcase your reading tastes, because all the books you enjoyed will be in one place and the books you didn’t in another.


So these are a few ways I know of arranging bookshelves. Share some of your own!

Do you have a bookshelf? How do you arrange it? 




5 thoughts on “6 Ways to Arrange Your Bookshelf

  1. QuirkyVictorian says:

    My bookshelf is organized in a way that makes total sense to me, but when I explained it my mom, I realised it probably doesn’t make sense to anyone else. I have a little of everything. Some, but not all, Victorian literature grouped together, some, but not all, 20th century literature is grouped together, then I have one section that is grouped by lightening shades of blue. Most childhood favourites are in the same general area, trivia books are in one place, and everything else is just kind of where it fits. Because I only have room for one bookshelf right now, the rest of my books are in little stacks here and there. But I always know exactly where every book is!

    Picture of my bookshelf is on my about page. https://overanalysingliterature.wordpress.com/about-2/

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  2. cecile53 says:

    In one bookcase I have one shelf for art (alphabeticaly), 1 shelf for non fiction books (randomly) and one for gardening, nature and natural remedies + homeopathie.
    Then there is the bookcase with ‘strange ‘books ranging from difficult esoteric to books with pictures of antroposophic buildings, to the secret of the pyramids to whatever. That is sorted to content. And the last bookcase is filled with fiction, sorted first by author and secondly by genre like thrillers and non thrillers.
    And near my comp I have a shelf with dictionaries and referencebooks.

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