Rounding Up of SWF (Blogging event) #1

Date range : 18th January, 2016 – 24th January, 2016

Know more about the event by clicking here!

I’d firstly like to thank everyone who was interested and kind enough to participate in this event, which I introduced on the 17th of December, 2015. As promised, here is my rounding up post – even though a day late – and it features all those who participated in the event along with their blog links.

  1. Mliae who posted The new additions to my winter capsule wardrobe and Guerlain Paris maxi shine lip sensation.
  2. Teressina who posted Found. With Gratitude.
  3. Caitlin who posted Friday Favorites
  4. Kathryn Grace who posted Fudging a lemon coconut cake and getting out the good China
  5. Tjparis who posted Mondayitis – I bought a Pelican

Thank you all of you for participating! Hope this was fun, and you are more than welcome to join in again in coming weeks!




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