My Experience at Comic-Con (As a first time atendee!)

I’ve hardly ever waited for anything as much as I’ve waited for today to occur. While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, I think it’s safe to honestly admit that I had been waiting for today since a long time. Whether I really would go and if I would, then with whom, had not really been decided till last evening but yet, somewhere in the back of my mind, I had been waiting eagerly for this day to arrive and hopefully, not pass away too soon. Sadly, the latter wasn’t true.

If anyone is wondering what exactly was today (if you haven’t already gathered that from the title of this blog post), today was the Mumbai Film and Comic-Con 2015. Comic Con India was established four (or maybe five?) years ago, to save us all the expense of travelling abroad to attend Comic-Con and how thankful I am for that!

So, yes, this was my first time at a Comic-Con. Gasps of surprise. Widened eyes. No? Well, thank God. Till the previous year, I hadn’t been that interested in Comic-Con, knowing that it won’t have that much to do with books. But it was only this year that I divulged into a lot of tv series (and mighty good ones, for that matter, which have become an addiction) and felt an incessant need to attend the fest and see what all the fuss is about. Especially since I’m pretty much familiar with a lot of fandoms now, I thought, why not give it a try?

In one word – it was a beautiful experience. Right from the entrance, where the attendants, bubbling with excitement, greeted us so cheerfully to the point where one of them looked at me and exclaimed ,”Come on Sherlock! A high-five!” (I was wearing a ‘I am Sherlocked’ tee.) From the crazy decorations to the hum of enthrallment which every single person, I’m sure, could feel. From Sylvester McCoy (YES!!) to some really amazing cosplay. From ‘Winter is Coming’ tees to ‘How you doin’?’ phone covers. Sherlock posters and Harry Potter merchandise. And probably a thousand more things.

I saw something related to Game of Thrones, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Sherlock and Harry Potter on almost every other stall and have absolutely lost count of how many people I saw wearing Batman tees. Dead Pool was probably the sweetest guy there, what with all the patience he had when people were literally swarming him for photographs. This weird nerdy guy (who was actually pretty sweet haha) complimented my tee and then a while later, bumped into me again only to take a photograph saying, “Hey Sherlocked! Can I take a pic with you?”  And we had this friendly, stupid laugh then which I think I’ll remember of this day.

What the entire point of the above paragraph is that there was unity in the people. It was nice to be among people so diverse, and yet the lovers of the same fandoms, followers of the same actors. The whole spirit of the area was dazzling, and I couldn’t help smiling at everyone who made eye contact. I don’t think a single thing went wrong there, it was so very good!

I’d just like to mention a few very basic do’s and don’t’s, things which I did learn from my first experience there. Of course you’re free to add your points below in the comments! 🙂

DO : Dress up if you want to.

It’s one of the things to look forward to at a Comic Con. If you’re pondering with the idea and not really sure about it, I’m urging you to please dress up!!  It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to have your passion in it. If you dress up, you get to be in so many pictures, you get to meet new people and most importantly, you make people happy! People get really excited when they see favorite characters there, and how awesome it is if you can dress up and be the reason for that happiness? 🙂

DO : Take a LOT of money.

I’m not asking you to splurge it. Of course not. But taking it won’t do you any harm, unless you’re someone who can’t control hoarding things when you have the money. If that’s the case, going broke will save you. Point is, there’s going to be a hundred different shops with your favorite fandom, each showcasing something different and beautiful. You may come across something unique and if at that point you don’t have enough money, or your cash is over, you will regret it. At any rate, don’t take limited money (like I did today) and finish it all up in just two items (everything available there is pretty costly though :() and then spend the rest  of the time regretting not bringing enough money. Do NOT do that.

DO : Respect other fandoms and be good to people. Smile 🙂

It’s okay if you don’t like that tv show, or if you think that actor is too sappy. It’s absolutely okay. But do NOT bash. Anyone or anything there. It’s mighty disrespectful and it hurts. It shows a very immature mindset and doesn;t go down well with people. Be as nice as possible and talk with people you meet there!

DON’T : Go unprepared.

You already know this. Water, comfortable shoes, cleanliness and your own snacks. Wasting money on food seems to be stupid, because that same money could be used for buying a beautiful poster. So, carry your own stuff!

DON’T : Mock costumes/dressed-up people

That’s literally the worst thing you can do at Comic-Con.


I feel like that was more or less, a pretty basic list which rounded up a few important things to keep in mind while attending. But of course, most importantly, do not forget to HAVE FUN! That’s why you’re going, and that’s what you should do. Go there for the experience, and you’ll have a day to look back to 🙂


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