Back to Blogging! Goals and Some Serious Thought

I’ve been in a writer’s block. Major writer’s block, considering that my last post on this blog had been September 26th I believe. Which. Is. Shameful. My book blog’s been going fine, thanks to all the reading I’ve been constantly doing but when it came to writing, these past two months were a complete void.

Until, just two days ago, I was forced by my English teacher to write an essay on ‘Bells’. I did complete the assignment, somewhat grudgingly, but once I was done with it, I suddenly had this feeling to write a short story. On anything. And just like that, my writer’s block vanished. I feel like writing now.

Yesterday night, I signed up for this course and here I am! Blogging201 officially begins. The last time I signed up for this, I don’t think I managed even one task, but this time, I’ll do all of them. I hope. 

So today’s task asks us to write about 3 goals for our blog. Here are mine :

  1. The sole reason I started my blog was to get a platform for writing. I’m not that concerned about followership, or anything of that sort for the matter. The blog was created so that it would be a constant home for me to put up my writing, whether good or bad. So the main goal I have for my blog is for it to always encourage me to write, and hopefully get better and better and better with it.
  2. Next goal is to post something at least twice a week. I know that currently I’m not in a position to publish something on my blog every single day, what with all the studying and the vast amount of books I read. So, twice a week seems like a good number to me. Unless I’m in a major writer’s block, I wish that there is something new on my blog every single week.
  3. Live up to commitments. A few months ago, I started with two featurs on my blog, but sadly had to do away with both because it just wasn’t working out. I don’t want things to end that way anymore, and I hope I live up to all such commitments.

That was it for goals for my blog! Hope you liked it!


2 thoughts on “Back to Blogging! Goals and Some Serious Thought

  1. mrscoachwalk says:

    I know what you mean about not following through with commitments. I joined a community feature and stuck to it for quite some time. But, alas, it eventually became the only thing I posted each week, and it just wasn’t meaningful to my brand. I decided its better to stick with what feels right for you and your blog than to stick with something just because you started it. Don’t get too discouraged if you decide it’s best to give up on something for your blog’s brand or your sanity.

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