Lasting Forever or Lasting True?

Today’s task in Writing101 asks us to expand comments into posts. I hurried over to the ‘My Comments’ section only to find that I don’t really comment much on posts, I just press the like button and then disappear. So, next, I hurried on to my Reader, to read a bit and comment and give a bit of feedback. Thankfully, I found Appreciation on Jai Vyas Writes which is basically a post about how nothing lasts forever, and how we need to grab every moment as it is. Don’t be fooled by the Avengers image on the top, because the message of the post is very true.

So, nothing lasts forever. I have often pondered about this, reflecting on how feelings like love, trust and even hatred, are supposed to last forever. Repeating those vows on the altar, isn’t that supposed to last forever? A pat on the back, a sign of appreciation, a seal of friendship and a long-awaited brotherly hug – what is the point of these if they can’t last forever?

However, the more I see of life, and the more I see people up close, the lesser i believe the so-called notion of ‘things lasting forever’. The best of feelings and the most significant of moments die down and soon lose their value. Even the truest friends move apart, there is nothing known as BFF – it’s just a cliche – and the same people we so religiously seem to love and care about, slowly start fading as time goes by. Twenty years down the line, no one is going to remember who was the captain of the football team was or who the kindest girl in the batch was. People rush into relationships, but at the end of the day, it’s just something which will lose its shine and soon fade away.

So is there anything we can do better , knowing that whatever we have now won’t last forever? Knowing, that people, feelings and almost everything in life will change? Yes, the only thing we can and should do, is grab the moments and stay true to them. If there’s someone you wish to talk to, go talk now because who knows six months down the line, whether things will remain the same? Make than YouTube channel you’ve always wanted to, because this may change next week and you’ll never know how good that channel may have turned out to be. If you like Twilight, say it, because the only people to judge you are the people who don’t matter in life. Do things now, before the moment passes, because thinking about what-ifs is a sad reality in everyone’s life.

Staying true to yourself and to others in equally important. Whatever you feel, whatever you are, there’s no point in hiding your true self. Since nothing really lasts forever, the least we can do is last true and humble in everything we do. After all, life’s too short to fake it.


Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Lasting Forever or Lasting True?

  1. rosemawrites says:

    Well-written post. Here in the Philippines a lot have been debating about that word ‘forever’. A lot agrees that “WALANG FOREVER”. Meaning, there is no forever. When Nicholas Sparks announced his divorce, a lot said that’s proof that there is indeed no forever.

    But just like what you said, we need not to mind forever. We need to mind and be honest NOW. Because a writer once said that “Forever is composed of now’s.” 🙂

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