Three Goals for my Blog #Blogging201

Blogging201 starts today! I’m so very excited for this course and I can’t wait to jump in and start having fun and also growing my blog. Today’s task asks us all to write about three concrete plans/goals we have for our blog.

Here are my goals for my blog :

  • Have at least 150 followers by the end of the year.
  • Write more regularly, posting at least twice each week. (I really need to work on this)
  • Make sure to post the weekly and monthly features in my blog (Fictional Friday and Top Reads of the Month). I almost always forget to update the Fictional Friday feature, for lack of time to do much writing on that day, since Friday is a busy day for me. I’ll probably have to write the stories beforehand and schedule them to be published on fridays.

So, here are the three main goals for me. Hope I fulfill them in the course of my blogging journey.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Three Goals for my Blog #Blogging201

    • Anushka H. says:’s difficult to be consistent. In the Blogging101 course, one of the tasks was to come up with a feature and I quickly came up with two features. Whereas the monthly one is easy to update, the weekly one is the one I need to work on…
      Anyway, best of luck with your blog!

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