Space To Write

My ideal setting to write has undergone a gradual change over the years. Style of writing, place of writing and writing habits, everything is pretty much different. I guess this change has arisen due to the change in the cause of writing. Whereas previously the only kind of writing I did were the essays for school assignments, now my writing has become much more personalized. I prefer to write for myself, about myself and writing is more of an ‘escape’ or ‘release’ to me.

So of course, writing habits and writing space/setting has undergone a change. I prefer to write in isolation. I don’t like to have people around me when I write. Incessant questions like “What are you writing?” and hovering around the shoulder to have a peek are very, very annoying. Also, too much talking irritates me. I anyways don’t like people who talk too much but if there’s constant noise (speaking) going on around when I write, I tend to be put off.

I sometimes like to put on music while writing. Music and me has this irrational relationship, I can practically do anything with music on. There are times when I’m writing something particular, and I put on the same song on loop, even if I don’t like that song. It’s like, if I begin writing when that song was playing, and if I get excited about what I’m writing, then I’ll keep playing that song again and again and again till I finish the post. I don’t know if it’s too weird or what but music just seems to calm my nerves. (And by the way the song going on right now on my laptop is Photograph by Ed Sheeran 🙂 And yes, I have it on loop :D)

I tend to write on impulse. This especially happens when I’m writing my stories. All the stories I write are written on impulse. However, it’s a bit different from the normal regular impulses people have about writing. When I write stories – it’s usually the first sentence of the post which suddenly pops up in my mind and then I go crazy until I’ve written the post. It’s like, a random sentence will just pop into mind and I begin having an irrational ‘pushing force’ which literally just impels me to write a story on that sentence. So usually when I sit down to write stories, I have no idea about the plot, I have just that one sentence in my mind and I try to frame a story as I write. For example, while writing That One Day, the impulse which made me write it were the words ‘first few drops of rain’. I had no idea about how I’d write the story, but eventually made it romantic. While writing Uncertainty, the impulse was to write about ‘cigarettes’ and ‘smoke’ which led to the entire story.


These were my own writing habits. Do any of you share these habits of mine? Comment below!


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5 thoughts on “Space To Write

  1. Jai Vyas says:

    Great post, loved it!

    You and I share quite a few of these habits and writing preferences. A lot of stories that I write were initially just sentences, or phrases in my head. Sometimes I think up a really cool character trait, or a poignant statement, or an intriguing setting and I just have to build a story around it. So I kinda make it up as I go along but it’s served me well so far! 😀

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