Things I’ve Learned In Life

I went through some of the submissions of the wonderful bloggers in the writing101 ‘Commons’. Most people have opted for the ”Things I Like” list, which for me was also very tempting to pick up, but I reconsidered. I thought about sharing things I’ve learned and come to live by. Below is the list of some things I’ve learned in life; it’s not too long, but it’s honest and frank.

(Note : This may become a tad bit philosophical for some people. Remember, I’m an angry young teenager trying to vent. Haha, I’m kidding 😀 No anger here.)

  • People change. Feelings change. Woah. I can never completely explain the gravity of those words. It’s probably one bitter truth in each of our lives; people change, feelings change, relations change, and sometimes, even the person himself changes. This probably is the one thing which asserts that we can never take something for granted, can we? However, on pondering, I came by the thought that no, people do not really change. Maybe they just reveal a layer of themselves. Ever thought about that?
  • Your parents, not your friends, are always there for you. I realize the importance of friends, of course I do. But friends are life? Friends are more important? Those are just cliches. Over these years, if there are two people who’ve stood by me, through thick, through thin, they have to be my parents. I’ve had my fair share of fights and misunderstandings with my parents, I still have them, but at the end of each, if there’s one thing which reassures me, it’s the fact that no matter what, they’ll always be there. Friends may be life, but parents keep away death. Without parents, we’re nothing.
  • Things done impulsively give greater pleasure then planning/thinking. It may hurt you later on, but time spent doing something impulsive is always, always better than doing something methodical or mechanical. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sudden road trip, or a sudden adrenaline rush, but something as simple as trying out a new recipe instead of your regular cooking. Or, buying something you know won;t fit in your budget, but you still can’t resist. I think we never really do something new unless we be impulsive. 
  • Moving on. Is important. Now, all those who’re thinking I’m going to start giving relationship advice, hang on, I haven’t yet reached there. Any setback, any downfall, any grief, any hurt, unless you move on, you can never grow. 
  • The less you care, the less you’re hurt. This is probably the truest truth out there. All hurt is out of caring, considering and loving too much. Staying a little aloof is wiser, if not that pleasant. I don’t mean that a person should start creating walls around his heart, but be selective in your emotions and relationships with people. At least, that’s what I feel and learnt. Getting too devoted to everyone out there? No wonder the person will be hurt over one thing or other. Attaching your emotions to someone is a privilege everyone shouldn’t get. 

Yeah, that was the list. I didn’t more than 5 points, and I feel that these 5 are the most important things I’ve learnt.

Thanks for reading!


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