Why Do I Write?

Having being asked this question quite a few times, from friends and others, who immediately after coming to know that I have a blog, give out an yelp of surprise followed by the inevitable ‘why’? I find it confounding, as well as amusing, that such a vast majority of people don’t understand the power of writing, or the magic of words. So, I feel like I should answer this ‘why’ now.

Irrespective of what everyone else says, my conviction is that whoever writes, writes to be heard. Writes to express something which can’t be done by merely speaking. Writes to say, to let people know, or to merely convey something hidden under flowery language or bland prose. So, same goes for me.

It’s just recently that I’ve started writing, not merely as a compulsion for school, but for leisure too. I find writing to calm my nerves, and to give way to peace of mind when in despair or confusion. When angry, just scribbling down a few words, be it profanities, immediately releases the tension. Writing goes a far longer way that just speaking about your feelings to a person – I feel that writing helps to reveal parts of me which I wouldn’t dare speak up about.

Whether it is a story, or a one-shot, or merely a rant, writing mainly releases. It doesn’t compulsorily have to be pent-up tension or a negative feeling, but even emotions of ecstasy and joy are better expressed when penned down, at least for me. Being an introvert, I never really speak about my feelings, not to anyone, but I’ve realized that writing helps a lot in expression. Maybe my feelings may not be directly expressed, but under every story, every layer, there lies something which I need to let out.

If there’s one direction I’d like my writing to take, it’d be to become more expressive. I’ve always felt, being an avid reader and having read so many types of writing, that writing which doesn’t make you feel, isn’t good writing. A small sense of delight, a mere shake of head at the stupidity of a character, or maybe just raising the eyebrows in shock or disbelief. If writing can’t bring out a reaction, then there’s no point. Writing which inspires, or urges you to think, or brings back past memories, is the strongest type of writing. It’s powerful, it’s riveting and it’s magical. The only purpose of my writing so much, apart from expressing myself, is to make people feel and think and remember. If I can do that for even one person, I’d be a happy, happy person.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Why Do I Write?

  1. sarahbruso says:

    You’ve articulated (quite well) the same reasons that inspire me to write. For me, it’s absolutely about expression–a release of all the ideas, characters, and dialog that’s constantly swirling around in my mind. And like you, I want to make people feel. I want to inspire emotions like sympathy, anger, and amusement. Like you, I’ll be happy if I can do that for even one person.

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