We Get It. You’re in Love.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No, Thank You.”

Get ready for a rant below. Heheh.

So, this sudden increase, and by increase I mean a major one, of the so-called word ‘bae’. Yes, this word has been derived from the word babe, often used as a name to call a loved one. With the intention of making it sound more ‘glam’ and ‘cool’, people very nicely omit the ‘b’ in the word – and here comes ‘bae!’

The incessant usage of this word, right from couples to best-friends to acquaintances to relatives to spouses to partners to whatnot is, and always has, got on my nerves. Maybe, I dunno, I’m not ‘cool’ enough to get the ‘inner meaning’ of the word, or so dumb that I miss out on the various emotions this word sparks up. But, but, the point is, like most other over-rated, over-hyped things, this word has slowly lost out on its use. Initially, when people used the word for their loved ones, it was still acceptable (though not that pleasant to hear) but now, this word is literally thrown around like confetti.So much so, that I doubt anyone even remembers what it was meant to signify. It’s like that song, which becomes a favorite the moment it is released, but people play it so much that it soon becomes an ache. Yeah. Sigh.

And honestly, all the couples out there? Trying speaking out each other’s names and enjoying that magic instead of saying ‘bae’. It’s overused, it’s meaningless, it’s a cliche.

[P.S. No offence to anyone. I have nothing against you. So, if you, the reader, happen to be someone who uses this word a lot, well….]


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