To Fake Friends and People Who Judge

Hey there missy,

Do you really think it’s fun? The way you stare at her and make her feel low with the power of your eyes only? How you take one look at her shabby clothes and decide that she’ll never be good company? That she’ll never be ‘one of you’? Do you care to think about his feelings when you laugh at him for shedding a few tears? What if he has an ailing mother back home? What if his heart got broken by a girl who couldn’t return his love?

Do you care to pause and think, before you call him a ‘boring nerd’, that his family is struggling to make ends meet, and he’s the only ray of hope for them? Does it ever pass your mind, that the girl you just rejected because she doesn’t have the latest version of an iPhone, is actually using that money for doing something more productive. Did you feel even a hint of regret when you laughed at the fat girl, who probably hates looking at herself in the mirror? Did you hesitate even for a second, before calling that girl ugly, who probably is thinking of self-harm?

No, you didn’t, did you?

And you there. What happened to all those promises of friendship? Did you know that you would betray me when you first became my friend? Was every laughter we shared false, or was there any hint of truth hidden in them? All those nights we stayed up talking, were you planning this at that time? Did it hurt even a little bit, faking things like that?

Yours unfaithfully,

People who are tired of people like you.




6 thoughts on “To Fake Friends and People Who Judge

  1. Aayushi says:

    Oh Honey, this is SO good.
    You speak the truth. And something really twisted inside me after I read this.
    An instant connection was made. This is really relatable. Thankyou. :’)

    Liked by 1 person

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