Looking Good At All Costs

An obsession. A habit. A priority. Looking good has become a compulsion. Most people today are more concerned about not just what they look like, but whether they look good or not. There has been a gradual shift in the general notion of people from looking presentable to looking good, so much so that it has slowly started becoming an obsession and, has led to quite a few unwanted consequences.

Ever since looking good has been made into such a big issue, judging people on the basis of looks has crept into our minds and dominated a major part of our reasoning. We live in such a time that a person who looks and dresses better than another, is given way more importance than him/her. This nature has moulded itself into our lives and now, judging people based on looks has become more of an unconscious habit than a rational thought. People have started taking out more time to look not just good, but better than the others, and this has taken a toll on the mentality of a lot of people.

Looking good at all costs has also lead to a rise of feelings of hostility among people, in general. It seems like looking good and rivalry go hand in hand. One who is concerned about looking good, inevitably wants to look better than others and it is no wonder that jealousy always crops up where there is rivalry. However, the most basic reason for looking good is something which is present in each one of us.

We look good, because, let’s face it – we feel good when we look good. No one wants to look into the mirror and not like what he/she sees. Looking good boosts up our self-confidence and when you know you look good, you feel good about yourself and it becomes easier to hold your head high. But, where to draw the line? How to exercise control over this urge to look good, so as to not let it become an obsession?

For most people, looking good is not about feeling good, but about being better than others. And this, precisely, is where the trouble begins. As and when one begins to value himself depending on looks, he also begins to rate and analyse others based on the same judgement. People go to all costs in order to look good and most often than not, end up disappointed.

So, looking good – as long as it is only about feeling good, is okay. It’s safe. It’s healthy. It’s natural. But the line needs to be drawn. The control needs to be exercised. The moment looking good becomes a top priority in life, the moment we agree to go to any cost for looking good, that is the moment we know we are doomed.


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