New Life

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fifteen Credits.”

Even though the atmosphere is of a college, yet I prefer calling it school. Yes, my school. 11th grade. Stepped out of one journey and now entered another. It’s been just 2 weeks since I joined this new school, and even though calling it ‘home’ would be stretching it a bit too far, yet, I can safely say, that I’m glad I came here. Joining this school was the fresh start I badly needed, after ten years at my earlier school and countless mistakes in my previous life. So, here am I.

The classes are good. I have Maths, English, Economics, Accounts and Psychology. Maths, I have attended just one lecture which was pretty bland. The teacher is nice enough but then, maths has never been one of the subjects I was very interested it. On top of it, add trigonometry. Sigh. English looks promising. We haven’t really officially begun our classes but the books and the teachers are something to look forward to. Especially since English is my favorite subject.

Economics, Accounts and Psychology are new subjects I’ve opted for. Being a science student all my life, this combination seemed very strange to begin with, but I’ve slowly gotten used to it. Economics is interesting. Very logical, and easy to understand. I love the lectures. I’m still waiting for accounts to get better. Sadly, accounts has ended up to be a huge disappointment. And lastly, Psychology. Amazing, interesting subject. Amazing teacher. Probably the only lecture in the day I really look forward to.

But, I also believe that school is not just about classes and studying. It’s about a lot more. It’s about finding the right kind of friends, and make sure you don’t fall in with bad company. It’s about learning to enjoy and yet not removing focus from our goals. It’s about finding the difference between true friends and friends who backstab. It’s about trying hard to ‘fit in’and then realizing that it doesn’t matter, because true friends never leave. It’s that breath of fresh air when you know you’ve found someone who’s true to you and that sigh you let out when someone fails you. It’s a lot more than those four walls of a classroom. It’s a whole different world.


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