A Reunion. A Life Lesson.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Moved to Tears.”

Life is too precious,
to take everything for granted.
Be thankful you’re still breathing,
Because, someone out their,
just took their last breath.

– took this one from Google Images

So, life. I guess none of us really know the real meaning of it until we see death closely, like literally stare death into the eyes. Most of us are in a habit of taking life for granted – we do things which can snap us out of our lives in moments, which can stop our breaths and make us realize what living actually is.

We always think that whatever we do, nothing would really hurt us but when we do that something, sometimes it strikes, and before we even know, we pay a heavy price for it and god forbid! – it may be even too late to learn by then.

It wasn’t until a few months ago that I learnt at least a little of what life means. One of my close friends was badly depressed when she found out that her boyfriend had cheated on her. Now, this friend is quite elder to me, she’s at least 5 years older but we met each other through mutual friends and she became very close to me.

After her breakup, for days, she was lost to us. She wouldn’t come out of her house, wouldn’t pick our calls and then one day, when I had forcibly entered into her room to see her sobbing on the bed, she opened up to me and said that she’d been thinking about suicide. The word ‘suicide’ is a scary word, at least for me, and yet I gave her a long lecture that what she was thinking was wrong, little knowing that what she needed at that time was comfort, love and care.

That night, long past my bedtime – a phonecall. My friend’s mother, from the hospital. “Come fast, she took sleeping pills”, was all she said and I could feel the blood pounding in my veins. My friend luckily survived and was discharged after a few days.

While we were about to leave that day, I saw a man, on a wheelchair. Bent with age, coughing, looking severely ill. He was being taken out of the OT, and as soon as he emerged out, all his grandchildren ran up to him and started hugging and kissing him. His children all fell to his knees, their eyes shimmering with tears.

Tears stung in my eyes too and I wiped them off. The nurse came just then and when I asked what had happened to the old man, she simply said, “Severe cancer. Won’t live more than a month. Isn’t ready to accept it – wants to live, for his children”. Simple words but they meant so much. A man, about to die but not ready to accept his fate. Who wanted to live, wanted to take a few more breaths for his children. And here my friend was wasting away her life over a boy.

I was moved. Not just moved to tears, but struck with this deep realization that life is much more than what we make it out to be. That taking away or giving life is not easy. That life is God’s best gift to us. That we need to live each moment to the fullest because who knows which moment may be your last?

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is life is too short and precious to be wasted away, or to be lived for without a reason. That old man lived for his children, and we need to live life for the right reason and not waste our breaths on things which don’t matter!

I don’t know what happened to that old man, whether he lived for a month or not, but I know that he lived life the fullest and that’s what matters. My friends is happy now, never thought about something like that again, and though she has had a long history of boyfriends till then, she hasn’t shed a single tear for any of them:)

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