A Teenager’s Yearning.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Childhood Revisited.”

Alert : This post is going to sound very teenager-ish. That is probably because I am one. A teenager, I mean. So if you easily get irritated by such stuff, don’t read on.

That done, let’s begin the post. Before that, I’d just like to say that I’m 15, going to turn 16 within a week. So recently, I’ve noticed in a lot of people my age, both boys and girls, that there has been a general worry about their body shape. Yes. Except people who have a perfect body to flaunt, which happens to be very few at this age, majority of the people are dissatisfied. Thin people want to gain weight, and the fat people are skipping meals to do the contrary. People like me, who are safely placed in the middle (though I tend to be a tad bit on the fatter side), have different wants too. Some want to be thin, and have that perfect thigh-gap and skinny body (which I think is disgusting btw) whereas some want to become more busty. Guys want muscles and that perfect set of abs and that perfect jawline to flaunt.

Which reminds me, the jawline hype. Like, literally, everywhere I go, people start flaunting their structured jawlines and cheekbones and collarbones and WHATNOT! I mean, give it a break! Chubby cheeks are way cuter and no, your jawline is not more structured than your life. I’m sick of hearing the words ‘structured jawline’. And then comes the looks. I can’t even tell you how many people are dissatisfied with their looks. Girls whining about how their nose is too huge and that forehead to wide. Guys grumbling about their puffy cheeks and pimpled face. It’s like two extremes to be honest. Either people are terrible dissatisfied with their looks, or are too vain to handle. There’s no in between. It’s black and white.

So, too many people disappointed with themselves. Instead of thinking about their grades, which actually will have a huger impact, teens find it more agreeable to think about their looks and their body shape (which tends to change with age). So, my only wish is that mine (I too have a few insecurities) , as well as other parents, try to teach their children from a young age, how to love their body and themselves. Parents need to teach their kids that no matter what, they should learn to accept and love themselves, because if they can’t love their ownself, who else will? This I feel should be done from childhood because by the time you’re a teen, it’s too late and you already have formed insecurities and you end up hating your body and yourself. Kids end up dieting. Going to the gym. Jealousy. Heartbreak. Suicides.

I don’t mean to say that being fat or being obese is okay. I know, no one likes to look into the mirror and see a pimpled face. Or a fat person staring back. What I genuinely mean, is that, just because you’re not perfect isn’t a reason to start hating yourself. There is a life beyond looks. There is a life beyond your body shape. Accept yourself, love yourself, and learn to work towards your goal. That’ll help the most.


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