Be Calm. Be Quiet.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Full Moon.”

‘It’s beauty charms us all

Spreads peace within our being

And when it appears from behind the clouds

I am aware I’m living.’

I have never been a night-person. I have never fancied the idea of staying up till late, and chatting and watching movies, or even studying, as is the trend in teens nowadays. However, the rare occasions I have stayed up, I have always, always, found a new me in myself.

The real me is afraid. Afraid to face loneliness, afraid to being left alone. But when I see the moon, there is such peace and tranquility flowing through me that I am often surprised by my own self. I could honestly go on gazing at the moon alone, no trace of time and no trace of sense inside me. The real me shies away from too much beauty. I’ve always thought that excess beauty destroys, rather than heals. But the moon, being one of the loveliest things I’ve laid eyes upon, continues to pull me in, as if in some kind of trance. The beauty of the moon makes other things around it look beautiful. That I feel is real beauty – not only being beautiful yourself but bringing out the beauty in others too.

The moon brings out a side of me which isn’t really prominent when I’m with others, or rather, even when i’m alone. I just wish that more and more people would take out time and try to appreciate the real beauty around them instead of running after things which may never last.

<a href="">The Full Moon</a>


4 thoughts on “Be Calm. Be Quiet.

  1. libifs says:

    Yes, we often forget to place value on small things around us and take everything for granted.. till now I have taken moon’s beauty for granted… your post served as a reminder…:)


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