A New Beginning

She laughed out as she ran ahead of him, her jet black hair, flying in all directions, the strands coming into her face and playing havoc with her vision. The sand beneath her feet was soft as silk and she shrieked as the waves came forward to crash against her legs. The spray flew around her and she held back another giggle. He stalled behind and watched, eyes crinkled in the corners, watching her as he held his breath. The years apart had changed her. There was a permanent sadness in her eyes, and they didn’t light up nearly as much as they used to. The steps she took where lighter, and the grip of her hands was no more determined. But the one thing that hadn’t changed was the sound of her laugh. It always was music to his ears, and still sounded like music. He let out the breath he was holding and ran toward her, gathering her into his arms as she fell against him. She was frail, light and fit into him perfectly. He inhaled her scent and lay his cheek on her head, as he began wishing for a new future ahead.


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