Seven Colors – A Hundred Meanings

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Roy G. Biv.”

Today’s daily prompt is weird. I can’t really think of writing anything which will include all these colors so I thought why not explore these colors? Write about what these colors mean to me and what they bring to mind.

So, let’s start off with red. The first thing which invariably pops into my mind on thinking about this color, is love. Love, not just in the superficial sense, but a love which lasts long and last through everything. It is the love which a parent showers on his child, it is the love with which you greet your best friend each day. It is the love which unites siblings after a fight, and it is the love which enables you to hold another person’s hand throughout his life. The color red prompts my mind to think about love which is strong, true, and everlasting. Color red feels ‘safe’.

Orange. Sunsets, is the first thing which came into my mind. How beautiful it is, to sit on the shore and see the sun setting. How beautiful it is, to look at a sunset and feel tension-free and without worries, for just a little moment maybe. How beautiful it is, to look at the sunset and feel calm and collected, and have trust in your future. Orange brings to mind sunsets, which are calm, peaceful and beautiful at the same time.

Yellow symbolizes sun. Sun, the main source of power and energy. What would be the world without the sun? Thinking about the sun makes me feel fierce, strong and make me believe that I too, can shine. Yellow brings with it confidence, strength and belief.

Green. Denotes the most beautiful thing, probably. Nature. A man who hasn’t been amidst nature hasn’t lived fully yet. He hasn’t stretched his arms and laughed out loud as the wind strangled him and the trees go berserk around him. He hasn’t seen the dew collect on leaves, he hasn’t fell what it is to run bare-footed on grass. Green brings to mind nature which brings with it a deep sense of tranquility.

Blue. I look up and see the sky. It’s blue, so very blue. So very infinite. So very unending. Blue denotes the infinite opportunities we have as a person and the endless heights we can reach. Whenever I look at the sky, I have this feeling that with the right efforts, even our happiness can be as huge and as infinite as the sky. And what’s more, it’s beautiful.

Indigo doesn’t really bring to mind anything, just a haze of various things. This may probably indicate the indecision in our lives. The fact that we don’t know what the future holds with us. And yet this color brings to me the faith one must have in oneself to take those steps into the future and suffer the consequences. Indigo is daring. Indigo is a leap of faith.

Violet. Ah. Dark, beautiful and brave. Daunting. Seeing violet makes me feel fearless, daunting and brave. It makes me want to go ahead and do things. Violet is courage.

These are my own perceptions of the seven colors. Hope it was a good read!

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