Is Such A Life Enough?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Four Stars.”

Being just 15, writing a review of my life seems a bit to far-fetched. The only life I’ve known is the life of a student and I sure-as-heck don’t want to write a review on that. But, today I felt I should take some time out and think about the actual life I lead, a life sans the assignments, classes and homework.

So, on asking myself what do I have in my life, the first thing which pops into my mind is, ‘books’. Being a voracious reader, most of the time I’m not studying, you’ll find me buried inside a book, probably with coffee on the table, or with earplugs on. If asked to describe my life in a few words, books would definitely gain the first or second place.

The second thing which pops into my mind is music. I could honestly go on listening to music for hours, without even a shred of boredom seeping in. My musical whims are varied – and yet not a day goes by without listening to some good music. Friends and family invariably come into my mind now and I think – what is life without them? Null, yes.

If you ask me on a normal day, what makes up my life, I’d just name these four things, and add food and sleep to the list. But now that I come to think of it, little things matter too. Little things make me happy too. Like feeling the rain on my fingertips. Mumbai rains are so beautiful that it makes me ache. Sitting on the sea-shore and looking at the rain pouring on the sea. It’s such a wonderful sight. That smell of coffee, when it is brewing. Watching the sun setting into the sea. Getting a late-night call from a long-lost friend. When the wind blows too fast and right on your face.

And when I ask myself whether such a life is enough, a voice inside me whispers ‘yes’.

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